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Who We Are

The Marine Portfolio at Volaris is committed to supporting the sustainable growth of maritime software companies which provide software for vessel and offshore installations.

There are currently 4 maritime software companies in our portfolio, and we are looking to further expand our footprint with both complimentary and platform acquisitions. Across our portfolio, we have a combined 95+ years of experience in the maritime software market.

Where We Are

Our maritime operations span across the globe and the seven seas, with a total of 18 maritime software solutions deployed on every continent except Antarctica!

What We Do

By providing access to capital, operational expertise, and best practices, Volaris Group gives businesses the ability to grow through organic initiatives and complimentary acquisitions.

The CSI Advantage

Volaris is an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI). As a publicly traded company that has been generating solid cash flows since 1995, CSI is a reliable financial partner. The backing of CSI provides financial security and access to capital so that we can fund growth initiatives at companies like yours.

Our Team

Team Member Portrait

Michael Dufton
Portfolio Leader

Team Member Portrait

Chris Wildsmith
Group Leader, Volaris Marine

Team Member Portrait

Sumeet Rahal
Associate Director
Mergers & Acquisitions

Team Member Portrait

Pavel Prokofiev
Business Development

Our Locations

Locations Map Locations Map