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We help maritime companies navigate the future.

90 years of industry expertise. A community of like-minded leaders. Best practices shared across 400+ companies.

Our Approach


Maritime software business leaders are given the support to continue leading their business as independent, standalone organizations.

Buy-and-Hold Forever

Unlike Private Equity or Venture Capital firms that buy and resell businesses, when we acquire a business, we are committed to strengthening and growing it – forever.

Talent Development

As a result of our commitment to talent development and continuity, 80% of our business leaders were in place at the time of acquisition or were internally promoted.

Best Practice Sharing

Volaris’ vast global network offers managers ample opportunities to collaborate, problem-solve, and share best practices with hundreds of vertical market software professionals.

What We Offer

Liquidity event for your shareholders

Shareholding opportunities
in our public company

Best practices developed
by 400+ businesses

Capital to continue growing your maritime software business

Security of a large organization
with a record of success

Autonomy to continue operating your business locally and globally

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